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We will regret this …


Hmm­m­m­m­m­m­mmm? Who remem­bers the days in ele­men­tary school when we had a mid-morning recess, lunch recess and after­noon recess? We had equip­ment check out with bas­ket­balls, tether balls and jump ropes. We climbed on jun­gle gyms, steep slides and merry-go-rounds. We were allowed to run and play games like tag and Red Rover. Kids were not over­weight and I think we did pretty well aca­d­e­m­i­cally, in spite of the lack of bil­lions of stan­dard­ized tests (just the big one, once a year and it was pretty excit­ing because it was dif­fer­ent) and over-blown cur­ricu­lum! If we didn’t do the work and do it well, we were held back, and we sur­vived. If we needed to use the restroom, we raised our hands and asked politely … we didn’t have an allot­ted num­ber of bath­room passes and if they ran out, it was hold it or lose points. Ridicu­lous! If we messed up, par­ents and teach­ers let us have it, and God for­bid, if it was really bad, it meant a trip to the principal’s office. Yikes! Kids were kids in the “old days,” not med­icated, bored, frus­trated, anx­i­ety cases. High school was an oppor­tu­nity for aca­d­e­mic chal­lenge and social growth. School spirit was empha­sized and every­one knew the words to the fight song and alma mater. We had pep ral­lies, bon­fires, ser­vice clubs, assem­blies and field trips that actu­ally boosted our atten­dance and aca­d­e­mic endeav­ors. Dances and sport­ing events were always packed with kids ready to have a good time. It was not “lame.” We also had study hall where kids were expected to … STUDY. What have we done to our schools? Has it made our chil­dren brighter, smarter, more ambi­tious? No. We have destroyed healthy com­pe­ti­tion and joy of dis­cov­ery. We will regret this. No won­der home school­ing is so popular.


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