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There Be Magic In Those Red Rocks



Sedona is a mag­i­cal place. Its breath­tak­ing beauty and artis­tic expres­sion are evi­dent at every turn. On Sep­tem­ber 20, I attended the Celtic Har­vest Fes­ti­val as a sto­ry­teller — my first out­ing as a teller that didn’t involve a class­room, school activ­ity or assign­ment. The fes­ti­val was filled with Celtic fun: from bag­pipes to Irish danc­ing, singing, red-haired lasses dressed in green, and of course, sto­ry­telling. It was a mag­i­cal.
One of my favorite pas­times is to observe peo­ple. I find them end­lessly fas­ci­nat­ing and I learn about them; not only by lis­ten­ing to their words, but in watch­ing their expres­sions and body lan­guage. Shar­ing with tal­ented sto­ry­tellers helps me to dis­cover where I belong as a teller, and reaf­firms that I have cho­sen the right avo­ca­tion. I watched peo­ple walk by who stopped for a moment to see what was hap­pen­ing — and then were drawn to a seat as the words of story took them to places unknown. I watched faces light up with delight, or look con­fused with a wrin­kled brow. I saw young chil­dren cling­ing to par­ents as a story fright­ened them; then the grin of relief at a happy end­ing. Magic was hap­pen­ing. It hap­pened because sto­ries trans­port peo­ple to won­drous places that ignite imag­i­na­tion and inspire a sense of com­mu­nity with lis­ten­ers and tellers.
The most delight­ful expe­ri­ence was observ­ing my peers. I saw trans­for­ma­tion take place before my eyes as the the power of the story, the audi­ence and excel­lent telling became won­drous to behold. I saw my friends “taken” by story as never before. They came alive with the words and the visual pic­tures they painted, and the delighted response let them know what they had done was mag­i­cal. I rev­eled in their suc­cess as they were trans­ported to the worlds they cre­ated. Their suc­cess inspired my own telling. I was eager to share as I too, get lost in story — allow­ing it to take me to dif­fer­ent places and times. I sense the lis­ten­ers jour­ney­ing with me, and their energy fuels my own. It leaves me crav­ing more — more sto­ries, more telling, and more com­mu­nion with magic.

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