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Who am I?


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Self descrip­tion: I am ener­getic, happy and intel­li­gent. I am easy to get along with, but I do NOT believe in polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness. I am com­pas­sion­ate and car­ing, cre­ative and unique. I am inter­ested in every­thing! My per­sonal motto: Why be nor­mal? That would be boring!

I have been a per­former with sev­eral dance com­pa­nies, and was a found­ing mem­ber of “The Move­ment Source”, a mod­ern dance com­pany that still thrives today. I have chore­o­graphed many per­for­mance pieces for pro­fes­sional dancers, pageants, dancers in high school, spir­it­lines, and even Girl Scouts and ice skaters! One of my most cre­ative (and unusual) stu­dents coined a phrase that guided my life: “chang­ing the world, one dance at a time”. Regard­less of abil­ity, I watched as dance changed the world for my stu­dents … as dancers, aca­d­e­mi­cians, human beings and cre­ative thinkers; it was my great­est joy. I love all aspects of per­for­mance: dance, the­ater, music, choir, and my most recent pas­sion in life … sto­ry­telling! Through sto­ry­telling, I can embrace the worlds of cul­ture, spir­i­tu­al­ity, cre­ativ­ity, per­for­mance and pure enjoy­ment. I also hope to learn to play the piano … some day!

Teach­ing was my career choice …  and call­ing. Work­ing with young peo­ple and awak­en­ing in them an aware­ness of the arts so that they can be life-long learn­ers is what edu­ca­tion is all about. I spent most of my career in inner-city schools, where dance and the arts may not have been a typ­i­cal student’s first choice, but every year I would watch my stu­dents grow as cre­ative indi­vid­u­als. Some received schol­ar­ships to schools they may not have been able to attend with­out their com­mit­ment to dance. Many of my for­mer stu­dents are dance teach­ers, chore­o­g­ra­phers, com­pany direc­tors, and even cos­tumers and tech­ni­cal the­ater professionals.

Being retired doesn’t mean a life of leisure for me. Nope. As busy as ever, I sub­sti­tute a few days a week at the schools where I taught, work on my writ­ing, and am still “MOM” to my youngest daugh­ter, who is a senior in high school. I take care of one hus­band, three dogs, two cats and a desert tor­toise. My newest career goal will be teach­ing for the Sto­ry­telling Insti­tute at South Moun­tain Com­mu­nity Col­lege where I have met some amaz­ing, beau­ti­ful peo­ple who have inspired me to find my voice as a “teller.” I am very excited to be enter­ing this new phase in the jour­ney that is my life.

This is my lit­tle cor­ner of the “webi­verse”, and I love being able to talk about the things that inter­est me. I hope to have some things to say that will spark an idea in you, or cause you to stop for a sec­ond to think about what you think. I aim to inspire and enter­tain you with my ramblings.

Hey, I’m a teacher, I tell sto­ries … it’s what I do. Enjoy.

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  1. April

    G you are def­i­nitely an inspi­ra­tion!!! If you’re teach­ing a class this old girl can par­take in… I’d love the opportunity!!


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