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Let go …


In keep­ing with my “Ruler” arche­type … lead by exam­ple, men­tor, sup­port … a true leader brings out the best in oth­ers. This is my goal. At times, how­ever, I can be impa­tient and then I must remind myself to breathe, let go, and allow the process to unfold as it is meant to unfold. I must heed my own advice! One of my goals is to live more in the moment. There is so much beauty to be expe­ri­enced … rather than being caught up in the next assign­ment, the day’s work and the future, I plan to take in the small moments. It can be sim­ple; the sky, the feel of my cat’s fur, the dog who wants me to throw a ball, the oppor­tu­nity to give my chil­dren a hug. These are the moments that count …

Be free

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