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File this under: insanity

I am a US cit­i­zen, born to US cit­i­zens. I have lived in Ari­zona since 1958. I grad­u­ated from Saguaro HS, and Ari­zona State Uni­ver­sity. I have taken many classes in the Mari­copa Com­mu­nity Col­lege sys­tem. I am cur­rently enrolled in an online class through Rio Sal­ado CC. How did I enroll? I called the reg­is­trar, told him the course I wanted and gave him my credit card num­ber (to pay for the class). He issued me a stu­dent ID num­ber. Easy. Great class, great teacher … I am learn­ing a lot. I am also enrolled in South Moun­tain CC. How did I do this? I called, same rou­tine, HOWEVER, I needed to prove that I took PSYCH 101 and an intro coun­sel­ing class. I have a mas­ters degree in coun­sel­ing … would that suf­fice? No … so I dug out my tran­scripts and brought them to SMCC. The kid who was born in 1990 eval­u­ated my tran­script which proved that I took PSYCH 101 in 1972 and the other class in 1980. OK, embar­rass­ing, but done. I paid for my class and with the same stu­dent ID num­ber, I was enrolled. They also gave me a free park­ing sticker, woo hoo! Today, I called Mesa Com­mu­nity Col­lege to reg­is­ter for a 1 credit women’s weight train­ing class. I needed to prove res­i­dency before they would allow pay­ment. Huh????? I’m already enrolled in two other schools in the same system.“Sorry ma’am, them’s the rules. Bring us a photo ID.” OK … I drive to the cam­pus … take a num­ber and wait 50 min­utes for my chance to flash my dri­vers license in the 20 year old kid’s face. Not really, because I am very polite. I show him my license and he says, “We can’t accept this.” HUH????? Why??? “It was issued after 2008.” WTF???? I told him I am already enrolled in two other schools. He said I shouldn’t be. “What kind of proof of cit­i­zen­ship and res­i­dency do you have?“
– The valid driver’s license was no good.
–The valid AZ teach­ing cer­tifi­cate was no good.
–The valid Mari­copa Com­mu­nity Col­lege teach­ing cer­tifi­cate was no good (ironic, huh?).
–The valid AZ fin­ger­print card was no good.
–The valid voter reg­is­tra­tion card was no good.
I need a pass­port or birth cer­tifi­cate. OK … I sup­pose I will return tomor­row and wait in line for another hour. OH … then to top it all off, I get to my car and I had a park­ing ticket on my wind­shield. I parked in the vis­i­tor park­ing lot (adja­cent to reg­is­tra­tion and admis­sions) … my car has a freak­ing Mari­copa CC park­ing sticker on it … that sticker is for stu­dents only, not vis­i­tors!!!! OMG, some­body shoot me! All this … and no one asks for my ID to vote.

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